Residential garage door installation

Looking to install a new garage door for your residence? Look no further. We offer you a huge and widely versatile set of collection of doors. Whether it is about different and unique colors or modern and classic designs; we have it all. Our collection offers you unique and stylish designs of both single door and double door types. We offer you three different kinds of doors in general:

  • Single layer doors that consist of a hallow structure of only steel material.
  • Insulation door of steel material that consists of the hallow structure and the insulation as well.
  • The third kind consists of three layers starting off with steel and insulation followed by steel covering. This is the most recommended one owing to its superior properties of strength.

Once you’ve made up your mind on what door you require for your house whether it is the single layer version or the highly reliable three layered; the next step is to choose the best style to meet your requirements. We offer you styles ranging from carriage house and tradition to specialty. We let you customize your dream garage door according to your specifications with our diverse range of planks, materials and more. You can also opt for the designer styles including classics and highly energy efficient garage doors.


Openings in Traditional Style. Amarr’s traditional garage doors are available in Steel. Choose from four striking panel designs, countless window offerings and up to 6 base colors.


Enduring style in heavy-duty, low-maintenance steel.

R-Value: 6.64 – 9.05


No better value in low-maintenance steel.

R-value: 9.05 & Stratford®

Traditional style in low-maintenance steel.

R-Value: 6.48 – 6.64


Hi R-value and lasting style with superior energy efficiency.

R-Value: 13.35 – 19.40

Carriage House

Openings in Carriage House Style. Looks can be deceiving. From a distance, you see an authentic carriage house door. Up close, they go up and down like traditional garage doors. Available in Steel and Wood.

Oak Summit

Over 70 affordable steel carriage house designs.

R-Value: 6.48 – 6.64


Steel carriage house designs for a great value.

R-value: 9.05


Over 100 authentic-looking carriage house designs stamped in steel.

R-Value: 6.64 – 13.35

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