Commercial Garage Door Operator

Commercial Garage Doors require specific kinds of operators for their perfect handling and management. We offer you creative solutions specifically tailored to your commercial needs. Highest level of customer service is assured to you from our special team of experts. Our automatic systems enable you to control your garage doors without having to walk back to the service counter.

Gearhead Hoist (GH) Style Operator

This particular operator is perfect for applications with high cycles and optimal to be used in heavy industrial functions. Lubricated gears are used by these operators along with a floor level chain to offer manual operation in cases of emergencies such as power outages.

LiftMaster Model GH

Model GH is designed for rolling doors, grilles, and sectional doors with vertical or high lift.

Hoist Operator

Heavy Industrial-Duty

Gearhead Trolley (GT) Style Operator

This particular kind is also extensively used in industrial and high cycle applications. Sectional overhead doors make use of these. The Gearhead Trolley style operators also employ lubricated gears.

LiftMaster Model GT

Model GT is designed for standard lift sectional doors.

Trolley Operator

Heavy Industrial-Duty

Trolley (T) Style Operator

These operators are utilized to operate sectional overhead doors. These are perfect for use in general applications of the industry.

LiftMaster Model T

Model T is an industrial-duty trolley operator for standard lift section doors. It features a low profile and industrial ball bearings on the output shaft.

Trolley Operator

Industrial Duty

Hoist (H) Style Operator

This particular style makes use of floor level chain hoist to offer ease of manual operation. The Hoist Style is optimal for applications of industrial kind.

LiftMaster Model H

Model H is designed for rolling doors, grilles, and sectional doors with vertical or high lift.

Hoist Operator


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