Garage Door Spring Repair

Broken springs on garage door can be a huge issue for both residence and commercial garage doors. Our spring repair services on garage doors ensure you smooth performance for many years to come. Our professional technicians offer spring replacement as well whenever needed. Both torsion and extension spring systems are covered by our team of experts. We offer all equipment needed in order to work with torsion and extension spring system. The latter is a relatively conventional system. It requires the extension springs to be on the sides. These springs can cause imbalance of the garage door if they are not rightly placed on the sides. The reason behind this is that the counterbalance system is based on stretching of a pair of springs. The springs require having consistent tension to run smoothly on the horizontal tracks. The door is lifted using a pulley system and that is dependent on the extension springs.

We offer you the best possible practices from replacement of both springs to using the right kind of springs along with the safety inspection. The right kind of springs is assured to the customers that fit their garage door size and weight. Proper installment leads to good balance of the door. A balance test is conducted by our technicians to confirm a smooth performance.

The safety inspection of hardware and the moving parts of the garage doors is carried out by our experts. We make sure that the systems are in accordance with the safety standards and in good working condition. Do not take your spring problems lightly as they can lead to larger problems. We maintain a safe environment and offer the best possible quality.

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