Most garage door opener repairs require a few adjustments made to the already existing components without needing any other additional parts. Whereas, in certain situations, you may have to replace the garage door opener’s motor, circuitry, switches, trolleys, drive trains, and belts as per requirements.

But how will you know that your garage door opener is having issues?

  • Your garage door closes all the way but then it bounces off the floor and returns to the original opening position

If this happens, then the limits on your garage door opener have to be reset. These limits are responsible for controlling how far your garage door can open and close. If the limits are off on your garage door when it hits close to the floor, it automatically reverts for safety due to the obstruction. Having a quick adjustment for the garage door can prevent the opener from reopening.

  • You hear a grinding noise after you try to use the garage door opener

The sprocket and gears on your garage door may need to undergo replacement on the opener. This is one of the most common problems that arise after years of using a garage door opener.

  • Underlying Electrical Issues

This might come as a surprise to most homeowners, but there can be a wide variety of underlying electrical issues with garage door openers. For this reason, Dynamic Garage Door thinks that you may need immediate garage door opener repair services so that you can protect yourself and your family from any harm.

If there is damage to the low voltage wires that run from the opener to the photo eyes, then the garage door opener will not close owing to its safety feature. If the remotes of your garage door have stopped working and the issue doesn’t resolve with a simple battery replacement then there could be an underlying defective circuit board. This can occur due to an electrical surge, storm, or simply wearing out.

Garage Door Opener Repair Services

Once we find out that the root of the problem is your garage door opener, we start by testing for possible drawbacks that could have resulted in this issue. Dynamic Garage Door professionals make sure that there is adequate power being supplied to the garage door opener. The garage door opener is running securely on its track and the garage door track is in its place, free of any dirt or debris that may result in it slowing down.

Depending on the model of your garage door opener, our team brings with them the needed replacement parts. At Dynamic Garage Doors, we recommend purchasing a completely new garage door opener instead of getting the old one repaired. Most of the new garage door openers are robust and also have excellent warranty programs.

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