Are you facing the issue of broken springs and looking for services related to Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement. If yes, then no need to wander around when we are here!

A faulted garage door, when not working correctly, can cause you trouble. Broken springs are proved to be a massive issue for both residential and commercial garage doors. Garage door spring will reach its life expectancy at some points. There could be some issue with the springs as they will snap and wear out over time.

But you do not panic as we get you covered. Just check the condition of springs and inform the professionals of Dynamic Garage Doors Inc about the state of springs. We will provide you the best services related to torsion spring replacement.


Why Choose our Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement Services?

A garage door is usable by all family members, and a faulty door sometimes results in injuries and damages. There could be any reason behind garage door damage. Even seasonal changes can affect it. If you hear a loud bang and your garage door opens to a few inches, only then it has experienced broken springs. Replacing the broken springs on your own is the most complex and challenging job. Do not call naive technicians or go DIY just to save your money. Dynamic Garage Doors Inc is a team of professionals for garage door spring replacement. We are a trustworthy company which provides all services related to garage doors.

Types of Garage door springs that can require replacement

The essential parts of the garage doors are springs because they are crucial for the proper functioning of garage doors’. There are usually two types of springs for garage doors that we replace.

●      Torsion springs

Torsion springs are mounted horizontally on a bar above the garage door opening. The shaft on which these springs are mounted spans the entire width of the door. There are drums on either side of the shaft to wrap the drum’s cables to the garage door’s bottom section. These cables wrap and unwrap around the drum as per the opening and closing of the garage door. These cables pop off the drum as they lose tension when the torsion spring breaks. Our experts assure you that all these components are perfectly installed and working correctly.


●      Extension springs

Extension springs are mounted alongside the track on both sides of the garage door. A safety cable is attached that runs through the center of the spring. This cable will help prevent the extension spring from sailing around the garage door if it’s broken. Our door spring professionals have decades of experience in replacing extension springs of all types, and they understand that extension springs should work adequately for the proper functioning of the garage door system.


The Life Expectancy of Garage Door Springs

Just like other things, the springs of the garage door have life expectancy too. Their lifespan is measured in cycles. Going up and coming down the garage door at one time is considered as one cycle. The lifespan option of garage door springs varies with the quality of springs as there are various brands of garage door springs available in the market. There is an estimated 10,000 cycle life expectancy of standard garage door springs. Usage of garage doors also indicates spring replacement frequency. Below is the estimation of life expectancy of 10,000 cycle spring based on daily use:

  • If the garage door is opened two times a day, the life expectancy of springs is about 14 years.
  • If the garage door is opened four times a day, the life expectancy of springs is about seven years.
  • If the garage door is opened six times a day, the life expectancy of springs is about five years.
  • If the garage door is opened eight times a day, the life expectancy of springs is about three years.

When the garage door springs have reached life expectancy, it may break. Once it is damaged, all tension will be released, and springs will no longer help balance the door. When the garage door is in the down position, the spring has to face the most tension, and chances of its getting broken are increased in the down position. But it does not mean that door springs can not get failed in a raised position. So it is essential to use high cycle springs if you use the garage door more extensively.


When is Garage Door Spring Replacement required?

Springs are the hardest working parts of garage doors. Raising and lowering of garage doors is entirely controlled by these vital parts. Your automatic garage door can become potentially unsafe and unstable if springs are damaged. So you need to inspect the condition of springs regularly.

Dynamic Garage Doors Inc lists a few signs which indicate that Garage Door Torsion spring replacement is the need of time.

  • The very first indication is that the garage door will not open correctly.
  • There are two springs and one black coil of Torsion springs. If you see a gap there, then it indicates the breakage and replacement are required.
  • There is rust on springs or other moving parts of the garage door.
  • Springs are elongated or stretched out.
  • There is a time difference in raising or lowering the garage door than average.
  • The sound of the opener indicates that it is straining to open the door.

If you see any of these warnings at the time of inspection, you should consider spring repair or replacement. We at Dynamic Garage Doors inc. has high-quality springs to do the spring replacement task for you.


Trust the Garage Door Torsion Spring replacement to the experts

Our spring replacement services ensure the smooth performance of springs for many future years. We have a team of torsion spring experts who will provide you spring replacement whenever you need it. We offer both torsion and extension spring replacement by using the right kind of springs along with safety precautions. We ensure that the right kind of springs are provided to our valuable customer that is a perfect fit for their garage door size and weight. Our technicians ensure the proper installment on an excellent balance of garage doors. They will also conduct a balance test to confirm smooth performance. We advise you not to take the problems associated with garage door springs lightly as you may end up with severe damages. Dynamic doors provide the best possible quality services after maintaining a safe environment.

Give us a call at Dynamic Garage Door Inc to talk to our professionals if you are facing garage door spring issues. Our quality services are available 24/7, and we guarantee satisfaction to our valuable customers.

We offer you the best possible practices from replacement of both springs to using the right kind of springs along with the safety inspection. The right kind of springs is assured to the customers that fit their garage door size and weight. Proper installment leads to good balance of the door. A balance test is conducted by our technicians to confirm a smooth performance.

The safety inspection of hardware and the moving parts of the garage doors is carried out by our experts. We make sure that the systems are in accordance with the safety standards and in good working condition. Do not take your spring problems lightly as they can lead to larger problems. We maintain a safe environment and offer the best possible quality.